Simply a frame of mind

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It is a fram of mind

At Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco-Resort, electricity needs are minimal, given ample skylights, wide and open areas, and louvered windows that allow breezes to naturally cool the rooms. Most of the time, all electricity requirements are covered by the solar panels at the resort. Occasionally, the owners will run a diesel gas generator for about 1 hour to recharge the batteries.


Public Awareness

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Public awareness is the first step in obtaining support to implementing any policy or program.  The model of differentiating between the FiTs, so that many smaller systems can be employed so where as the individual home owner can reap the benefits directly, in lieu of the larger companies absorbing the bulk of federal and state incentives, allows the programs to gain public support and maintain funds to keep running.  FiTs are a model that has been proven to work in other countries, expanding on the existing US efforts seems to be a move in the right direction.

Lack of Understanding Highlighted in Recent Survey

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Consumer’s lack of understanding about solar has been highlighted as a key reason why the PV market is as slow as it is.  It showed that many people remain “optimistic” about solar and look forward to using it in the future but many people have no interest in investing in solar right now.  For installers in the US, educating consumers will be the key to securing installs in the residential market.  Many consumers were found to go to home and garden shows and other home improvement shows to get educated before making their decision about solar.

Rethink Transportation

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Swedish Automaker SAAB was recently sold to a China-Japan Investment group to turn the former automaker into an electric vehicle manufacturer.  As more companies introduce a purely electric drivetrain, it leads consumers to believe that automakers have finally started to see the potential in electric vehicles.  Ford will introduce an electric Focus for 2013 to compete with cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.  Although sales have not been phenomenal in the U.S., companies are starting to see a rising interest in the idea that transportation does not need to be supported by oil.  This also leads to many startup manufactures that produce only electric cars, the most popular being Tesla Motors.  They produce high end sports cars and luxury sedans, catching the attention of investors and the imagination of kids around the country.  The future of transportation hangs in the balance as many sort out the pros and cons of changing from gas, some of which are listed below.

Pros of electric:

-More efficient use of energy

-Never have to stop for Gas

-Cost of electricity is much less than fuel costs today

-Very little noise

-Can be charged from solar (virtually free transportation)



-Higher initial cost

-Limited Range

-No recharging infrastructure in place yet


As we look to the future, we all need to take a serious look at the way we live to determine whether or not we are living in a way that is sustainable.

House Rejects Energy Efficient Lighting Law

Posted June 7, 2012 by Synergized Solar, Inc.
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The U.S. House has adopted a provision that will save the incandescent light bulb by blocking an energy measure to raise the current standard of efficiency.  As many consumers already know, the energy savings realized by changing out their incandescent bulbs for CFL’s or LED’s has made them a believer in energy efficiency.  Many utilities offer incentives to switch to a more efficient bulb which reduces the payback time even further.  As a society we need to change the way we view energy and take a proactive approach to reducing our energy usage rather than clinging to a way of life that is obsolete.

Quality over Brand

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As with any industry, early manufacturers are often pushed to the wayside as new players develop better manufacturing methods at lower costs.  Brands that have been around since the beginning have fallen out of the solar industry because they cannot compete with new technology or refuse to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.  It is often said that PV consumers are among the most educated consumers in any market, and installers are often directed by their customers when choosing a panel manufacturer.  It is up to responsible installers to ensure that a standard of quality is met by manufacturers that will ensure peace of mind for the installer as well as the customer.  In the end, it is also up to the customer to make a decision that is not only based on price, but on quality and service.–branding-and-bankability-do-not-always-correlate-to-quality_100007003/#axzz1wwlEiFTC

Largest Midwest Energy Fair

Posted June 5, 2012 by Synergized Solar, Inc.
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It’s that time again to take a road trip  to Custer, WI. This is where the largest energy fair in the Midwest is held. Midwest Renewable Energy Fair is a little over a week away June 15-17.

Synergized Solar will be located in booths X17, X18. We would love to have you visit us and our guest vendors from Patriot Solar, Chemlink, Solardock, etc.